Mission Statement

Helping keep the homeschooling community together by preserving basic Christian values for homeschool and homeschool alumni families.

We do this through Bible Studies focused on maturing their Christian responsibilities as strong pillars and examples in this society. Provide fellowship opportunity and personal growth through events and activities like dance lessons and dances.

How it all Began

In 2010, our friends Wes and Angel Mason said "We should put on a dance", we said, "Your on!" And so it began, the Bremer-Mason Family Dances first dance "Summer Breeze" in June of 2010. It started there, then the next year we added "Carol of the Bells". In June of 2016, we started on a mission to create an environment for homeschool alumni and quickly evolved in the Nexus Nights. Every Thursday we have bible studies for young adults, teens and women, dance lessons and dancing. It has evolved into Nexus Family Ministries which does the family dances, prom, homeschool graduation and other events.

If you know of other homeschool families that you believe might benefit from our ministry, please forward our website address.