Mission Statement

Helping keep the homeschooling community together by preserving basic Christian values for homeschool and homeschool alumni families.

We do this through Bible Studies focused on maturing their Christian responsibilities as strong pillars and examples in this society. Provide fellowship opportunity and personal growth through events and activities like dance lessons and dances.

How it all Began

In 2010, our friends Wes and Angel Mason said "We should put on a dance", we said, "Your on!" And so it began, the Bremer-Mason Family Dances first dance "Summer Breeze" in June of 2010. It started there, then the next year we added "Carol of the Bells". In June of 2016, we started on a mission to create an environment for homeschool alumni and quickly evolved in the Nexus Nights. Every Thursday we have bible studies for young adults, teens and women, dance lessons and dancing. It has evolved into Nexus Family Ministries which does the family dances, prom, homeschool graduation and other events.

If you know of other homeschool families that you believe might benefit from our ministry, please forward our website address.

Biblical Standards (Statement of Faith)

Preface: The Biblical Standards stated here are a basic set of doctrinal presuppositions Nexus Family Ministries operates from.

In the spirit of the understanding of our imperfections, we allow and encourage variations of understanding and disagreement and by no way claim we have full and complete biblical understanding. We are ecumenical in nature, but we are by no means "universalists",  nor tolerate a "universalists" approach or teaching.

We do not require bible teachers to agree with each line and nuance of these Biblical Standards. However, we request a fundamental basic holding to these positions. If it is brought to the attention of Nexus leadership that one of the teacher's instruction varies outside of a reasonable tolerance of these statements, the situation may be addressed by the leadership of Nexus.

  • The Bible is God’s Word. It is to be taken in context, it is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our everyday lives.
  • There is one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is totally loving and completely holy.
  • God is totally and unquestionably sovereign over all things.
  • We are bound to live an active, faithful Christian life.
  • Through faith alone, Jesus Christ is the only One who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again.
  • For believers, it is powerful, significant and the necessary to meet regularly for fellowship, prayer and the taking the Lord's Supper.
  • God has individually equipped us so that we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives which is to glorify and worship Him, fulfill our role in the Church, and serve the community in which we live.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised.
  • Marriage is between man and woman. Fornication, adultery and homosexuality are forms of sexual immorality. One's own perceived "sexual orientation", or "gender preference" does not outweigh their God-created orientation or preference. This world is sadly and sinfully teaching that this abomination is a natural course of who we were born to be. With the Bible as our authority, we unapologetically reject the "world's" position. We do not reject the people who commit these sins, but reject their actions. In rejecting their actions, the person may have to be removed from the fellowship. With teaching, counseling, prayer and with confessed and demonstrated repentance, return will be considered.
  • We understand that our biblical knowledge can be inaccurate, and fallible, but that the core mystery of the Gospel and the way of salvation has been made plain and understandable to him who "has an ear" and that God has revealed the mystery of the Gospel to us, sinners, through Christ and solely through Christ.
  • We do not accept any claim of revelation or understanding through a single person, but use only the 66 books, traditionally known as the Bible, as the Word of God. That is not to say we necessarily accept or deny personal experiences and relationships with God, or that any other writing or book is false, but that no private revelation or other writings will be accepted or taught as the Word of God.

A Word About Dancing

DANCE MISSION: Enjoy the life that God has given us and that in and of itself glorifies God. It is a gift! Who doesn't unwrap a gift? It is an insult to the giver to not unwrap a gift!

"....let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth" (Ec 11:9)

"...there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God". (Ec 3:12-13).

Currently much of what we are known for are the annual dances we host. We try to point these young men and women, who must carry on the mission to the world, to do all of this to God's glory. Yes, even in our feasting when we are respectful and enjoying conversation while getting to know others with genuine concern, we are glorifying God. These dances are an opportunity to take God's creation of male and female and encourage respectful behavior. For young men to learn how to lead and treat a lady, for young women to learn how to follow and respect a man. In the minds of many, this is just a platform to "justify" being on the fringes of morality. Well, for some it will be; for some, that may be their intention, but does that mean we should throw out everything for the purpose of some. Where would that leave us?

Doing things in Godly balance is key. These dances help take the "scary" out of boy meets girl. Some of that scary we believe is unhealthy and is just what Satan wants.... to think that it is wrong to be with the opposite sex. While we certainly and strongly believe in boundaries, we believe that any unhealthy approach to God's creation is a wrong one. Just because it is wrong to be a glutton, doesn't mean we believe it is wrong to eat. Food is God's gift! Too much of it is Satan's! We strive to be good judges in the difference. It is our prayer that we succeed in glorifying God in judgment! Furthermore, if we teach that is it "wrong to eat" (figuratively), our children are smart enough see the lack of logic and if we teach that something is a sin, when it is not, we chase them from the Gospel because they identify it as not being right.

A Word About Standards and Codes

Because we have standards, rules and codes of conduct does not mean we want to have a "legalistic",  approach to our organization. In a diverse culture with many variations of standards, it is necessary for everyone to know what kind of an organization we are and what kind of standards we have. These are outward standards set to attempt to have Christ-like modesty in the particular time and culture we are in. We desire a "spirit of the law" approach as opposed to a letter of the law approach.

Dress Code

Every Day

Guideline for both parents and children who participate in activities through Nexus Family Ministries. We ask you to self-police it. We may allow it, we may ask you to change it.

Clothing will be neat, clean, appropriately sized and modest. The following guidelines are offered to assist in determining what is “appropriately sized” and acceptable. Our goal is for students and parents to be modestly dressed and to not tempt or to become a stumbling block to other Christians in our ministry.

A note to strongly conservative parents: We certainly recognize your concerns. As a homeschool dad or mom, we protect as much as we can from the "world". Our defense mechanisms want to completely keep it out. The world will creep in here and there as our Christian-valued culture interacts with the world. Please try to have as much patience as you can. Please voice your disapproval. Some of your disapproval will just be an immeasurable gut feeling! Just because we can't measure a gut feeling doesn't mean it is not reflecting real issues. Help us fight the fight, but understand too that we are dealing with many. Your participation with us is important; you are a help to the balance. Christ said that He did not pray they we would be taken out of this world. Because of that we still have to deal with and work with it as our Christian culture interacts with it. We believe it is appropriate to still not accept the worlds standards, we just believe that balance and good judgment is required as we deal with people on a Christ-like level.

  • No leggings unless other clothing is worn over them that is no shorter than the top of the knee.
  • No "short" shorts. Shorts should be fingertip length.
  • No sagging clothing exposing parts of your body that are inappropriate! Pants with no holes or rips above the knees.
  • No yoga pants.
  • No halter tops, tube tops, sleeveless tops with large armholes, low cut (front or back) tops or tops revealing the middle section of the body. Tops that are in a tank style to measure 3 finger width across the shoulder.
  • Clothing with offensive, suggestive, obscene, or risqué writing or drawing is not permitted. Gang related apparel to not be worn.
  • Items of apparel, jewelry, or grooming that are considered an extreme in dress (including clothing that is torn, cut, or ragged) or that advertise illegal substances or alcohol or that could be associated with gang related activities to not be worn.
  • Any jewelry, body art, or piercing (other than ears) that is extreme. This also includes jewelry with spikes, and chokers.
  • “Gothic” and other extreme forms of make-up are prohibited.
  • The director of Nexus has the authority to determine the appropriateness of the dress of participants. The final decision with regard to dress code rests with the director.

Dance Dress Codes

Formal Event

o Ladies - Dresses and skirts fitting for church. Knee length, tea length and long dresses are fine. No slits above the knee.

o Men - Slacks and Suit Coat and tie if desired.

o Anything in the "Every Day Student & Parent Dress Code "

Black Tie Event

o Ladies - Nice dresses, no strapless dresses. Dress lengths to not be above the knee, tea length and long dresses are fine. No slits above the knee.

o Men - Formal: Slacks and Suit Coat. Black Tie: Tuxedo.

o "Every Day Student & Parent Dress Code" Applies.

Rules of Conduct

  • Disrespectful and bad attitudes of students will not be tolerated.
  • For non-married persons, there is not to be any kissing, hand holding, bear hugs, arms around each other or any other public displays of affection at or around Nexus activities. This is regardless of what parents may allow.
  • No bullying of any kind.
  • No drugs, alcohol, tobacco including e-cigarettes are allowed at Nexus activities.
  • During Bible Study time, children under 16 who do not have a parent with them, or under the supervision of another adult assigned by the parent, must attend their age-appropriate Bible Study.
  • Foul language is not allowed.
  • Any activity which is customarily or culturally considered homosexual or other perverted activity will not be acceptable.

Women Teaching and in Authority

Where men are a part of the audience, biblical teaching and general leadership will be left with qualified men. (II Tim 2:12) For a women's Bible Study or for children younger than puberty years, women may lead it, ask prayer etc. While this is particularly a sensitive topic in this culture, we hope that there is not a need to explain that it has nothing to do with the value, superiority or place of men or women in the Kingdom. For this is the end result: "there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus" (Gal 3:28).