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Janee’ Lowrance

“I won’t tell you what to believe, Eragon. It is far better to be taught to think critically and then be allowed to make your own decisions than to have someone else’s notions thrust upon you.” ~ Christopher Paolini

Janee’ began her homeschool teacher endeavors in 1999. She and her husband of 24 years, Michael, have successfully graduated 3 of thier 4 children: Colby (21), Christina (19), Carly (17), and Casey (15). Natives of the great state of Texas, they have resided in Poolville since 2005. The decision to homeschool came out of Janee’ and Michael’s desire to provide their children an ability to think on their own based on God’s Word amidst a world of changing foundations.

A personal love of literature has driven most of Janee’s homeschool framework. That love has manifested itself with explorations into varieties of genres with her children. Critical thinking along with creative wit have been the expressive outputs of the love for literature she has instilled in her children and others. Janee’ has designed courses and units of study that have been based on the God-given gifts that her children have desired to pursue. With a son in the Navy, a daughter in nursing school, a daughter beginning college, and another daughter beginning her first year in high school, Janee’ has academically prepared her children for where their heart’s desires have led to open doors.

Janee’ seeks to fortify her students with a Biblical worldview through good literature that permeates to their core. This strong foundation is imperative in today’s world. Janee’ believes that students must be authentic lovers of God, fortified with His Word, and versed in various genres of literature to have the ability to interpret the various roads that their lives will take. Preparing youth is paramount to touching our world; to be lovers of Christ and lovers of their place in humanity to be effective world-changers. Teaching students how to effectually write with an in-depth understanding of literature will propel them into the places their gifts take them throughout their lives.

Since 2006, Janee’ has successfully equipped not only her own, but other children as well. Families have sought her out to teach their children a love of reading like they saw emulated in the Lowrance children. Tenets marking a firm foundation include reading for enjoyment; thinking critically; gaining capacity to love their fellow man, and using literature as the underpinning for creative and critical writing, have produced many young adults who have an aptitude of skills and maturity beyond their physical age.

Janee is a lifelong learner. She is an accomplished runner, traveler, nutritionist, and she enjoys training in tactical and personal defense. She and Michael have recently designed and finished building their dream home.
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