Nexus Family Ministries

Mrs. Jenny Cypher

NCA Administrator

During the past 15 years of homeschooling, Mrs. Cypher has taught various classes at several local homeschool co-ops, as well as at two private Christian schools. For the last eight years Mrs. Cypher has been focusing on Drama classes. Each year she has directed and produced at least one play in the spring, as well as occasional smaller-scale performances in the fall. The plays her students have performed have included two student-written productions, along with commercially-written scripts.

Jenny Cypher’s educational background is in the fields of Commercial Art, Bible, and Elementary Education, while her vocational background has been in Office Administration. Mrs. Cypher chose to leave her professional career to become a full-time homemaker when her first child was born. When he was old enough to begin Kindergarten, Mrs. Cypher officially began her career as a Home Educator, and she has been educating her children at home since then.

Mrs. Cypher’s goal is to teach students theater arts and help them develop their skills with confidence and creativity, while providing opportunities for dramatic performance. It is also her desire to encourage students in their faith, seeking to honor God in all they do.

Jenny is married to Brian, with two children. The Cyphers have been residents of Texas for almost 20 years, having previously lived in Missouri.

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