Dance Lessons and Weekly Bible Studies

Dance Lessons

When: Every Thursday Night
Location: Main Place, 404 W. Main St., Azle, TX
Time: 8:00-8:45 p.m.

Dance lessons are for all ages. We teach line dances, swing and waltz. We also do a contradance on Thursday evenings. The time for the dance lessons is 8:00 pm. The admission to Nexus is $5 per person or $10 per family (Parents are Free). The Swing dance instructor is Kilroy Escalante, a talented dancer and teacher. The Waltz dance instructor is Jack von der Heide. He teacher Round Waltz Dancing, a choreographed Waltz routine.

Nexus meets every Thursday evening at 404 Main Place, 404 W. Main St. in Azle, TX.

The dance lessons participants are mainly teens but we encourage everyone to learn dancing: children, teens, adults. During the dance lesson, the participants change partners, but if you are dancing with your spouse you stay with the same partner.

The sooner you learn to dance, the better it is!!

Weekly  Bible Studies

When: Every Thursday Night
Location: Main Place, 404 W. Main St., Azle, TX

Currently, we have Bible Studies for Teens, Young Adults, and Women. Our main goal is to have Christian Living Bible Studies in a healthy interdenominational setting, first and foremost, and other activities that keep us active and learning in a fun wholesome environment. Because we have those of different denominations, we ask that everyone is patient and understanding from the teaching to the listening. While we request that teachers be mindful, respectful and lovingly considerate of the differences in the audience and to not "shove something unnecessarily down someone's throat", we do not request that they "keep it neutral" or "not teach from their view or understanding". The caliber of men we are asking too teach wouldn't do it anyway. Hallelujah! These are just the kind of people that we want to see teaching. Passionate and strong in their desire to help others down the Christian path and to take it to the world!

Young Adults Mission

Fill the void of the wholesome Christian homeschool environment with like-cultured young adults in their post-homeschool life.

Method(s): Teach and discuss with young adults, issues they face in this developing and changing world. We want the young adults to have their own activities during college breaks and the summer, so they can become good friends and grow closer to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. To have fellowship with like-minded, like-cultured Christians. Some go to college, others start working, others stay home, but their homeschool social environment, which had been strong from the time they were kids, no longer has a place for them as they move to adulthood. We would like to fill that void. 

Teen Mission

Instill principles and values to our teens. Setting Biblical standards for behavior for young men and women to behave in a confident, respectful manner with integrity, purity and honor. Teaching young men to be masculine in Godly form. Treating women as a treasure. Teaching young women to be feminine and to fulfill their God-given duties as women.

Method(s): Teach through Bible Studies and encourage through activities to enjoy company and fellowship through social events.

Women Mission

Promote the time and opportunity for women to develop confidential and Godly relationships.

Method(s): Provide Bible Study times where women have time together studying God's word and share in issues they have  with other like-minded Christian ladies.

Men Mission

Promote an environment dedicated to helping men fulfill the God-made and defined role as a husband, father and leader of the community.

While do not currently have regularly scheduled activities, we plan on have periodic events to provide teaching, scripture review, counseling with each other man's purpose as father, husband, provider, teacher example.

Methods(s): Studies for men in short, several-week sessions.