Message to the Hearers


In brief, here we have different Christians from different denominations and we need an ecumenical approach. For example: Some believe in free will while others believe man does not have free will.

Here is what I want you as members here to consider. First of all, respect the teacher in the position that he is in. He is in charge of that teaching time. If he has opened it up for discussion then please discuss. You may disagree but please do not become disagreeable. There is a difference in attitude. "But that is not what I believe.......!!!!!!!!!!!!" is not the way to start it off. He is not there to teach you with what you agree with or believe. The only place to get that is in the church of you! Then, following your example everyone will have to leave your church, because somewhere along the line, they will not believe something you teach.

If a teacher believes in free will and you do not, then listen to what he is trying to say. His overwhelming message probably goes like this "You need to obey and do what God says. You need to make choices to follow what God's direction: Love man, love your neighbor, be faithful, etc." I don't believe anyone in the body holds to a belief that you should not make choices to obey as God has instructed us.

On the contrary if a teacher believes in no free will and that God is Sovereign in that he has predetermined all things including your decisions and your salvation, please understand that part of what that person is saying is "God is so great that He is not limited in anyway. It is not our business to limit God because He is totally in charge, totally sovereign with total rights and so great he can cause future events to happen beyond what our feeble, foolish little minds could possibly grasp". I don't think that many people want to line up and give God limitations. Like one could actually affect anything but the exclamation of their own foolishness.

So my point is to listen to what the person is trying to convey. You may not agree with their theology. But they are teaching, just listen and pull from the message the intended meaning of the speaker. I'm not asking you to agree with them and I am not stating that they are right by the default of the fact they are teaching. But I am asking you to be civil and respectful of their position of authority.

Spirited heartfelt discussion is a wonderful thing! I do not want put a damper on it. But I do want to see  respect, love and concern. Let us live with and show love to our brothers. Let us show the world how true family of Christians really are and how they should act. This is how the world will know us! (John 13:35)

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