Prom Guidelines


Homeschooled High School students can purchase a ticket for themselves and one guest ticket. Tickets and table reservations will be organized under a parent.

Students must:

  1. Be at least 14 by September 1, (before the prom) and be no older than 18 by September 1, (before the prom).
  2. Be homeschooled or enrolled in a school or coop for homeschoolers or taking dual credit classes at a Junior College (under the homeschool umbrella and expecting to have a homeschool graduation).

Guest must:

  1. Be at least 14 by >September 1, (before the prom) and be no older than 20 by September 1, (before the prom).
  2. Be invited by a homeschooler who has purchased a Prom ticket. Only one guest per student.
  3. May register and/or pay for himself, but must use the responsible parent email. The guest status of the family will be verified.

Group Seating

Students often want to sit together to enjoy the event even more. We will assign seats to the students unless a request has been made.

If the student doesn't have an escort and doesn't mind meeting new people we will assign seating for them.

You may request a group of up to 6. Reservations are $5 per person or $30 for a table of 6.

Parent Contribution

Some of these jobs, for example the Coordinators jobs, might be already assigned. But if you are gifted in a certain area and would like to volunteer anyway, please put your name down on the registration form.

Every parent of the Prom attendees is expected to help in some way to lighten the load of the Prom. There are many opportunities to volunteer for. See the list below and put down one or two options in your registration form.

  • Set up (the day before the Prom, dress casual)
  • Clean up (the evening of the Prom, after the Prom is over, dress casual)
  • Decorations Coordinator
  • Decorations Helpers (whenever we schedule days to work on decorations)
  • Table Seating Coordinator
  • Chaperones (during the Prom, must adhere to dress code and wear appropriate attire)
  • Chaperone/Refreshments (man the refreshment tables during the Prom, must adhere to dress code and wear appropriate attire)
  • Admission (before and during the Prom, must adhere to dress code and wear appropriate attire)
  • Caterer Liaison and Prom Meal Coordinator
  • Chaperone/Prom meal assistants (make sure the meal goes nice and smoothly)
  • Chaperone/Prom refreshments Coordinator
  • Chaperone/Prom refreshments Assistants
  • Chaperone/Prom drinks Coordinator
  • Chaperone/Prom drinks Assistants
  • Chaperone/Dance floor
  • Marketing (ASAP)
  • Parking and Building Security
  • Decorations Take Down Coordinator
  • Decorations Take Down Assistants
  • Sound Coordinator
  • Music Coordinator
  • Chaperone/ Bathrooms Check up
  • Photographer
  • Chaperone / Trash can Check up


  1. Be prepared for the dance. We offer dance lessons every Thursday evening at 404 Main Place in Azle following our homeschool Bible Studies. Leave shyness at home and learn to dance. It's a way to give and brighten someone's day. Dancing is like any other skill. You take lessons and practice. You will be surprised how fast you can learn to dance and enjoy yourself. Learn how to dance Swing, Waltz, Cha cha, Two Step.
  2. Contra Dancing will be part of the Dancing Plan of this Prom. This is dancing in groups following the directions of a Dance Caller. For some Contra Dancing you stay with the same partner and for others you change partners throughout the dance. These are fun and they involve everyone who wants to participate in them.
  3. Line Dances are taught at our dance lessons, usually at 6pm on Thursday evenings at 404 Main Place in Azle. We go over the line dances we do at the dances. If you need help learning them, this is the time to learn them. We will go over them briefly during the dance but it's more fun to learn them ahead of time.
  4. Dance etiquette: Be polite and always consider the feelings of the person asking you to dance. The right thing to do is to say yes to someone who asks you to dance at least once. We encourage young men to ask different girls to dance so everyone enjoys the event. Escort your partner by the arm to the dance floor and when the dance is finished escort your partner back to their table. No holding hands when escorting a partner to the dance floor or off the dance floor. No PDA allowed (Read the Code of Conduct)
  5. Crowd mixer: We will have a crowd mixer to help the students meet new people. If you come with an escort, be polite and dance with that person but don't feel you can't ask anyone else. Have fun and let your escort dance with others as well.
  6. Ladies Choices: In the program, we have some songs/dances designated as Ladies Choices so the girls can ask the boys to dance.

Dance Dress Code: Black Tie / Formal / Prom Theme (modest)

The Dress Code is Black Tie, which means very formal. This is a very special occasion so plan what you will wear well. Follow the guidelines below. Be modest and always consider your brothers and sisters in Christ. They will have to be looking at you all evening. If your dress is too revealing, girls, this will make others uncomfortable. Please help us by complying with the spirit of the guidelines set here.


We will have a Dress Code Team at the entrance to make sure these guidelines are followed. Be ready to accept their help if your attire is not acceptable and can be made acceptable with a couple of modifications, or be ready to go back home and change into another dress that follows our guidelines. Your entrance is contingent upon the dress code team approval.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that will still feel comfortable when you are dancing the swing and doing fancy moves.
  2. Gown length: Long gowns and tea length preferred but not required. If you wear a short dress, it must be near the top of the knee. Dresses 3 inches above the knee or higher are not allowed.
  3. Minimal or no cleavage showing.
  4. 3-finger wide shoulder straps on dresses are acceptable.
  5. Spaghetti straps and strapless dresses are acceptable, but you must wear a formal small jacket or sweater over your dress.
  6. Shoes: Wear sandals or formal shoes. No cowboy boots.
  7. No pants.
  8. No low-cut dresses.
  9. Slits above the knee-not allowed.
  10. No underwear showing.
  11. No midriffs showing. Midriff is the region of the front of the body between your belly and waist.


  1. Formal shoes. No tennis shoes or cowboy boots allowed.
  2. Tuxedos preferred. Suits allowed. No sports jackets.
  3. Must wear collared, button down shirts.
  4. Bow tie or other formal neckties preferred. Regular neckties allowed.
  5. Not allowed: T-shirts, military outfits, jeans, Dockers or khaki slacks.