Step 1 – Parent Registration

Dear parents, You are responsible to help with the integrity of this process. To verify the students and guest registered under your name are complying with the rules. This includes verification of homeschool status, age, dress codes and letting them know the rules.

Medical Release

With regard to dancing and all other Nexus Family Ministries (Nexus) activities, I further waive any and all claims for myself and my children against Nexus, the leaders of Nexus, including the dance instructors. I also waive any and all claims against the facilities used by Nexus. In the event of an emergency, a leadership member of Nexus has my permission to obtain medical treatment for the child at the nearest hospital or doctor at my expense.

Parent Registration

Yes, I have read the guidelines and agree to terms.No. I do not agree to the terms.

Yes, I AgreeNo. I do not agree.